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 The polymerization process fixes the shape of the rotating liquid and thus a lens is produced.

Spin Cast Technology

Spin-casting technology was developed by Professor Otto Wichterle in 1980. The technology is based on dosing a small amount of the liquid monomer into a plastic curved mold shaped like a contact lens while spinning. The centrifugal force spreads the liquid monomer over the surface of the mold. During this process the monomer in the mold is also polymerised which is the chemical process of changing a liquid monomer into a solid plastic. The polymerization process fixes the shape of the rotating liquid and thus a lens is produced. The various shapes or back surface curve and powers of the lens are controlled by the mold shape and rotation speed.


The WILENS Ltd. company was started by Professor Otto Wichterle, the inventor of soft contact lenses in 1991. In 1992 Wilens took up the contact lens production from the state owned company OKULA that had been producing lenses since 1980. Production method used is a highly productive Spin Casting developed by Professor Wichterle as well. Spin Casting manufacturing system produces a wide range of soft contact lenses with perfect surface and edges. Recently, we introduced spincasting of hydrophilic soft intra-ocular lenses. We have also been working on projects with other technology driven companies in joint co-operation ventures to help develop their businesses around the world.

In 2000, Wilens was awarded ISO 9001 and 46000 Certificates by the Notified Body SGS Yarsley, GB for the production and development of Spin Cast moulding of soft contact lenses and soft coloured contact lenses. Now, we have 13 485:2003 certificate with EZU Czech Republic as the Notified Body.


Wilens History



Professor Otto Wichterle produced the first soft contact lenses and created a new era of contact lens development.


Spin Casting

The use of the highly productive “spin casting” manufacturing method was used by the company, OKULA in their soft contact lenses production.



WILENS Ltd. was established.


Production Facilities

WILENS Ltd. became the successor of Czech state-run enterprise OKULA and their contact lenses production facilities.



WILENS Ltd. was awarded ISO 9001 and 46000 certification by Great Britain SGS certification authority.



WILENS Ltd. in Taiwan was established as WILENS’ branch office and is responsible for all their contact lenses-related affairs and other relevant products in Asia.


  • The aspheric design of the contact lens helps cater to a small degree of astigmatism giving the wearer a sharper vision. Aspheric design also ensure a better and a more comfortable fit.

  •  Unique moisturizing property to allow long-lasting high moisture capacity promoting all day wear.

  • High oxygen permeability to promote long-term corneal eye health for the wearer.

  • UV-blocking contact lenses to shield against the harmful rays of UVA and UVB.